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Chelsea Sheppard

Teachers - Middle School

Phone: (403) 637-3856

Key Roles 

Hello all, Having grown up just outside of Cremona and in fact attending this very school, I know all too well how wonderful this community is.  I am a family oriented person, love spending time outdoors and am a drama geek at heart.  I have three young boys at home, Onyx who is 6, Roxzyn who is almost 4 and Axyl who is 1. They are my pride and joy, but they are busy and we are messy.  I feel so lucky to be their mom. My partner Brandon is a great support to me and a fun loving father.    Leading up to this year I have taught Grade 4 for two years, Kindergarten for one year and Grade 1 for one full year and the beginning of another until I had my second son.  This is my third year teaching Grade 5 and I truly love it. I feel especially fortunate to be teaching with Mrs. Day once again, she is an amazing teacher and an incredible, kind, intelligent human who I am proud to call friend.  I am also so thrilled to be working alongside Mrs. Murphy who is an incredible support to me in all avenues of my life. She is skilled with tech and is amazing with the students,, she is a beautiful example to me as a professional and as a mom. I am also very proud to call her friend.  Despite my formal education, what I have learned about teaching is that most of the training and real learning happens in real time, every day from your children.  They are the leaders and it is my job to learn from them, learn who they are as individuals, discover how they learn and retain information, and determine in what ways I can best facilitate this process.  It isn't always easy, I will say that, but the joy that comes through watching your children develop a love for learning is why I keep coming back and striving to do better each day.   While this year is already extraordinary, I will do my best to see it through and take care of your darlings every single day.