High School Option Courses

High School Option Courses

Art - 
This course enables students to develop their skills in producing and presenting art by introducing them to new ideas, materials, and processes for artistic exploration and experimentation. Students will apply the elements and principles of design when exploring the creative process. Students will use the critical analysis process to reflect on and interpret art within a personal, contemporary, and historical context.

Band - The band program here at Cremona School has been growing and improving year after year because of the hard work of students like you! This year our bands will have the opportunity to perform in many concerts and compete in festivals across South Central Alberta, including Banff! And now, you can be a part of the team! 

In our school, the Band option is just that - one of several class choices that students may pick to fill out their timetable. But, because of the intense exposure that our bands get in festivals and concerts, our program is much more than just another class.

Studies show that students who STUDY and PRACTICE music have all around higher aptitudes and do better academically. Students also involved in music are taught a high level of cooperation and self-discipline and are less likely to engage in negative behaviors. Do not miss this positive opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument and be in the band! 

Cosmetology (CTS) - is a course that encompasses a variety of salon skills and is made up of individual modules.  One aspect of the course is learning and practicing hair stylist skills such as, brushing techniques, blow drying, styling, braiding, cutting and coloring modules that are covered over a few years in this course.  Another aspect of the course is esthetics, which includes, skin care, makeup, theatrical makeup, nail care, manicures, pedicures and waxing.  What is covered each year in this course often depends on the students, their interests and how motivated they are to learn and work.

Shop & Health Pathways (CTS) - this includes Fabrication (Welding); Construction (Woods), Mechanics, Design Studies, Communications,  Wildlife (Outdoor Education, Boating Safety etc.).  After studying safety, measuring and blue-print reading, the students embark on creating a project to cover the outcomes required by the curriculum.  Students can produce a project that is either supplied or designed by them to maintain high interest.  Some may elect to pursue a "dual-credit" program at Olds College based on this introduction to the trades.

French 10/20/30 - French 30 is the only option course used as a core subject for university entrance average and there is no diploma exam.  Students will have an excellent base in their second language and often take it to increase their averages for scholarships, for further travelling, or to enjoy hands-on and communication-based activities.

Fitness & Nutrition - This course includes more advanced principles of meal planning, water intake, sport supplements in conjunction with muscular and cardiovascular training techniques. Students will acquire hands-on learning in creating efficient nutrition and fitness plans for a variety of different goals or lifestyles. By the end of the course, students will be able to create effective fitness and meal plans that go hand in hand to achieve maximal results

Foods (CTS) - High school Foods classes give students the culinary skills to send them on their way to a career in the culinary arts, or just make sure they do not starve to death when they are adults. The first course they must achieve is Foods 1010, Foods Basics. This is a fairly heavily theory-based module, so it is not all fun and eating. But there will be plenty of opportunity to bake and cook and enjoy the literal fruits of their cooking labours in subsequent modules. Some of these modules include Baking Basics, Cake and Pastry, Basic Meat Cookery, International Cuisine, Meal Planning and many, many more!

Ladies Fitness (CTS) - 
This class focuses not only on fitness planning but also on meal planning, positive body image and wellness. Each individual will gain the tools to have a happy and healthy lifestyle that balances fitness, nutrition, overall wellness and self confidence. This course is based on student interest for exploring different fitness and wellness activities. Some examples include traditional weight training, circuit training, dance, yoga, cycling and much more!

Leadership (CTS)
- Student leadership is an opportunity to contribute to the betterment of our school, community, and broader community around us. In Leadership, you work with your fellow classmates to enhance the experience and culture of our school community. Through engaging and fun activities, we allow all types of leaders to make a positive impact. Throughout the three years of leadership, you have countless opportunities to help make your mark. Along with the contributions, students can earn up to 5 CTS credits per year for their work. The program also helps get recognized for scholarships and bursaries when applying to post secondary institutions.

Military Studies 15/25 (CTS) - 15 introduces students to a study of Canada and War in the Modern Era, from the Riel Rebellions of the late Nineteenth Century through to the present post Cold War Years. A heavy emphasis is placed on Canada’s military and civilian contributions to the two world wars and the efforts to recover from those great conflicts, the Cold War confrontation with the Communist Bloc, and peacekeeping. 25 introduces students to some of the principal themes and events in world military history from the prehistoric era up to the gunpowder revolution. While some attention is given to non-western military history, there is a decided prejudice toward the western experience.

Outdoor Pursuits (CTS) - This course is offered with the intent of providing students with the skills, knowledge and opportunities to take advantage of the wide range of outdoor activities that our area has to offer.  The courses offered each year vary slightly, with students taking the lead of where the focus for a given semester should be, but they should expect to at least become familiar with outdoor survival skills and wilderness navigation.  Beyond that however, we can expand to include a variety of activities from mountain biking and rock climbing to fishing and bow hunting.  Opportunities are limited only by student interest and effort.  Cost of the course will be determined on a yearly basis, depending on field trips etc.

Personal Psychology 20 - Students will study the complexity of the human brain.  They will discover and understand the unique concept of human personality, behavior and intelligence.  Personal Psychology will also focus on our understandings about heredity and environmental characteristics/factors in the development of individuals.  The last two units will focus on biological influences and our understanding of perception. 

Abnormal Psychology 35 - Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of current mental illnesses, along with extensive etiology, DSM-5 criteria, treatments and prevalence in society. Particular focus will be from a current and Canadian perspective. Students will study the major types of mental illness using videos, interactive websites, class activities, journal writing, case studies, discussions and forums. Students will develop an understanding of mental illness and the stigma still associated with many illnesses. Students will also gain knowledge in adaptive coping methods and some therapeutic techniques. Sensitive material will be treated ethically and appropriately both in class and outside of it.

Physical Education - PE 20 and 30 are an extension of PE 10 with more of the onus being placed on the students to manage and enhance their gym experience.  Students are asked to plan and lead their own classes and work together as a group to make PE a successful course.  As always, team and individual sports are an important part of the course, as well as spotlighting healthy exercise and fitness practices, all while making sure to touch on a variety of other physical activities from dance to swimming.  Students will be expected to develop leadership skills in a PE environment with the aim to take those skills forward in life to help develop a positive, active community.  There is usually at least one field trip with the possibility of others if the students are motivated. 

Sports Performance (CTS) - this class is designed, based on the idea of developing the well-rounded athlete.  Students can expect to take courses related to training fundamentals, athletic first-aid, sports nutrition, sport psychology, Long-Term Athlete Development, Sports Leadership among others.  While it is not the aim of the course to develop sports-specific skills, the principles learned in each of the modules can be applied in such a manner.  Success in this course comes to students who are highly motivated to work hard and apply themselves each and every class.  

Weights & Fitness (CTS) - This course introduces students to weight training and overall physical development activities to increase their fitness levels. Students will learn the correct way to use equipment/exercises, as well as both macro and micro goal setting, to help them improve their overall physical development, while limiting the chance of overtraining and injury. A strong emphasis will be placed on building and maintaining a healthy diet, and the importance of overall fitness, not just muscle building.

CTS is short for "Career and Technology Studies."  These courses are made up of 1 credit modules to create a class.  Generally, the class is a 3 credit or 5 credit course.