Cremona School Band Society - BC Apples

Our apple fundraiser is back once again.  It will run from Sept 12 - 26th.  The apples are from Davison Orchards in Vernon, BC.  All boxes are 15lbs and are picked fresh when we submit the order!  Apples will arrive here on Oct 12th.

We would ask each parent to collect the money for their orders and submit one payment to the band society please. The band society accepts etransfer, cash or cheque (payable to Cremona School Band Society).  Etransfers can be sent to - please make a note of who the payment is for in the message.  

If you have any additional questions, please contact Dalene Scott (band society fundraising coordinator) at  


Mabel's Labels!

Help keep our Lost & Found bins empty....Mabel's Labels are a great way to label your children's clothing & various supplies.  

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